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I feel fortunate that I see many of my thoughts being re-posted on facebook, twitter, etc, so I have decided to keep a log of some of these quotes for others (and for me, since I will likely forget):

If you have no muscle, you’re physically weak; if unintelligent, you’re mentally weak; and if insecure, you’re emotionally weak. Grow bigger, faster, and stronger.

In time all is revealed, and scars are healed. That which was unknown becomes clear that which was hidden will appear

If you’re unaccountable, you can count……on not developing trust and respect. Shore up, folks.

When you’re given a filet mignon, and you instead opt for the McRib, you should probably eat with the rats.

We get the love that we think we deserve, or better yet, that we demand. I see so many people fall into traps by making decisions from a position of weakness, rather than from strength. The facts are: a cheater is always a cheater, and a beater is always a beater. Those leopards don’t really change their spots. We all make mistakes, but the learning from mistakes means not making them again. Demand better, and you will command better. But you gotta love yourself, or you’ll never be able to share that caliber of love with another.

A beautiful facade does not guarantee a nice interior.

Most suffering/stress comes from attaching ourselves to thoughts that argue with reality (“He/she shouldn’t be this way,” “it shouldn’t be raining so hard”). That means we are meddling with either God’s or someone else’s business. When you begin to focus on YOUR part of the equation, and learn to love “what is,” then you unchain your padlock to these thoughts of “could’ve and should’ves.” You can’t control your thoughts, but like raindrops, you can choose which truths to hold and which ones to drip away. (My take on Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is.”)

In one of my favorite books, The Slight Edge, the author basically says that nothing is linear: either you’re on the upslope or downslope. That means whomever you choose to associate with is helping or hurting you. These choices have a compound effect: the little things we do, or don’t do, each day, have a tremendous impact maybe not 6 days from now, but 6 months, and surely 6 years from now. Those day-to-day actions rest entirely at your discretion, so be the captain of your ship daily, so that you get where you want to be.

No interaction is accidental. God puts some people there that better your overall well-being and challenge you to improve, and puts others there to show you what to rise above.

One song can change a moment, one idea can change a world, one step can change a journey, but one prayer can change the impossible

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I know many out there get a little vexed. Relationships are tough these days, but I’ve learned a few things. It boils down to Chemistry, Compatibility, Communication, and Character. There must be mutual respect and that may mean being cut from the same cloth and having similar values and mores. To love and to be loved is great, but to respect and be respected is equally as important.

Real>Fake. Truth>Lies. Communication>Silence. Character>Immorality. Substance>Superficiality. Maturity>Naiveté. Quality>Quantity. Soul>Skin

You can’t turn chicken poop into chicken salad no matter how much mayo you add.

You know what one of our problems is? We’ve lost that sense of childlike wonder. You know- that Disney sparkle, the way it feels when you have your first fish on your line, your first high school kiss, the way lemonade tastes on a summer day. We let the world get in our way, when we should be getting in the way of the world by appreciating the smallest of things. What we all really crave is to feel like a kid again.

After watching that show Catfish, I thought about social media: it’s great for keeping up with others, but the quality of that connection can be trivial, at best (and maybe a fantasy). I enjoy sharing my thoughts and music with everyone- some people are more active and some more passive. But I can treat social media as flippantly as I can seriously. Just because you can say something, doesn’t mean that you should. Instant gratification it may provide, but nothing will ever take the place of a face to face conversation. I prefer to find my love and life without wifi.

Persistence pays off. Never underestimate it. It may be the difference between you winning and losing something.

The life we lead is way too short to leave the important words and feelings that we feel for another unsaid. Though all of us are different in our ability to vocalize the way that we feel about each other, we must all come to realize that at some point every one has an expiration date. Don’t leave your life with a sense of regret. Be sure to tell all of the people who go out of their way to make you feel special and make you feel loved, how appreciative for them you actually are.

“I could write a thousands songs and still not get it right,
Words and melodies that come to me still wont’ change our plight,
You’ve got your armor on, and push and pull away,
And I can’t read your mind, so what am I to say?
I’ve got no weapons out, but your heart is wrapped in steel,
How can I get through, when you’re scared of what you’ll feel?
So let it go, and let it down” (from my song, “Armor”)

Well we didn’t bring the Emmy home tonight, but I was really happy to see a nominee about wounded warriors climbing Mr. Ranier win. At least we both had the same theme, and hey, I’ve been fortunate to sing “Blessed” all over the country, from The Bold & The Beautiful’s Veterans Day episode, to the GOP Convention, to many stops for Mitt Romney, and the music video runs on CMT, CMT Pure, and TCN still, so there’s a lot to celebrate, and to have Television Academy peers nominate me is a win in and of itself. We continue to be “blessed” by this.

Don’t run FROM the problem. Run TO the solution. That’s the finish line and a race you need to win.

Treat each day as a means for progress. Don’t be a boy or a girl: be a gentleman or a lady. Improve the sphere around you, no matter how small that may be, and hit the pillow at night knowing you’ve bettered not just yourself, but someone around you. Perpetually raise the bar.

The past is irrelevant, the future is indeterminate, so the present is your only moment. Take it.

In light of today’s inauguration, Pres. Obama has my support as an elected official. But I feel quite honored and blessed to have been a surrogate for Governor Romney in 2012. This pic was taken on Mitt’s last trip to Atlanta, where I opened/sang for him. I hope I to emulate his character, acumen, honor, and charity in my coming days. His motto of “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” has stuck with me ever since.

Not long ago, I was attacked (on FB) by editors of a certain women’s magazine (that I’d been in) for my faith. I guess it didn’t fit with their magazine’s slant. This is straight out of the beatitudes though, and I reminded myself today that you can’t blame the darkness for being dark. After all, darkness is merely the absence of light. Therefore, you have only yourself to blame if you aren’t being that light.

Be your own you. There is no other you, and you’ve got but one life to be you. Stop pretending and start being. Get busy livin’ or dyin’.(with attribution to The Shawshank Redemption)

Learning from life’s growing pains. I asked myself: do I want to be famous? Or do I want a legacy? My mom is a teacher- not famous but leaving indelible imprints every day. I could never be a Kardashian, because they serve no societal benefit, but I feel lucky to have had a decade+ of work/success while keeping my private life unbothered. Each day presents an opportunity to become better than you were yesterday: a conscious choice. Time will find you out. I’ll never need to “trend” to change lives.

Respect: so prized, yet so rare. The ones who have it for themselves tend to show it to others. You can take that one to the bank, Jack.

Preparing notes for the release of my 2013 bestseller novel: 50 Shades of Cray

When you run towards things, you have a goal, a purpose, and a reward; when you run away from things, you’re constantly looking backwards and thus have no course.

Time heals all wounds and it also exposes weaknesses. May the 2013 odds be ever in our favor.

I just landed in Cincinnati, and even ordering Chick-fil-A the cashier asked me about the book in my hand- Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.” I replied- with what happened in your state two days ago- you need to go buy it right now.

Pretty is what you are- Beauty is what you do with it.


The Examiner: Beau Davidson’s patriotic video ‘Blessed’ debuts Memorial Day on CMT & CMT Pure

Beau Davidson’s patriotic video ‘Blessed’ debuts Memorial Day on CMT & CMT Pure

Country singer Beau Davidson pays homage to freedoms often taken for granted in his new music video, ‘Blessed’, debuting on CMT and CMT Pure on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28.
courtesy Beau Davidson
Country singer Beau Davidson pays homage to freedoms often taken for granted in his new music video, 'Blessed', debuting on CMT and CMT Pure on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28.

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, CMT and CMT Pure will debut Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Beau Davidson‘s latest music video, Blessed. The song tackles the often overlooked theme of blessings we as Americans sometimes take for granted. Throughout the video, Davidson‘s insightful lyrics are interwoven with footage and interviews featuring a number of military veterans offering their thoughts on the subject of freedom, something we’re all a little more conscientious of each Memorial Day.

Just last night, I had an opportunity to chat with the singer/songwriter about the song, its history and what it means for to him as an independent artist to have his thought-provoking song debut on CMT and their video-driven sister network, CMT Pure on such an important holiday.

The song itself is a bit of a departure for Davidson. In a genre that’s inundated with songs about relationships, Davidson went out on a limb and delved into more meaningful subject matter. When asked what it was like to forge previously uncharted themes of personal freedoms and the men and women whose job it is to secure them for our nation, Davidson replied, “We have many brilliant writers here in Nashville, but sometimes the sound and themes get a bit homogeneous, which tends to strip music of its emotion and passion. They say write what you know and for the longest time, the ins and outs of relationships were the most familiar for me to write, but I also have a great passion for our country and what the US represents. I’ve noticed a loosening of national pride, other than the obvious occasions of the day after 9/11, the day we got bin Laden or Saddam, and some holidays.

Of course fans of CBS‘ daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful will recognize not only Davidson, who’s appeared on the popular soap a couple of times, but also the song, Blessed. Davidson debuted the song on B&B last November as part of the sudser’s Veteran’s Day storyline. On the episode, Davidson, appearing as himself, sangBlessed before a crowd made up of real-life veterans. It was that situation that became the genesis for his current music video. “When I saw its effect on them, it got the wheels turning in my mind to do a full music video, which could feature them. For some reason, I had this vision of veterans sharing their experiences in it,” recalled Davidson.

To see his vision become reality, he enlisted the help of friend and videographer, Zac Adams. To Davidson, Adams seemed the perfect choice for director, having appeared in Adams‘ post-Nashville Flood documentary, Nashville Rises. Of his choice for director, Davidson shared, “I thought he’d dig the idea of doing a docu-style music video. Furthermore, I’d grown a bit weary of the predictable style of music videos we normally see in Nashville, regardless of who directs it. I really felt that an actual military presence in the video, combined with veterans’ experiences, would add an element of authenticity and sentimentality to it.”

Davidson’s inclusion of real-life war veterans was crucial to the mood of the music video, “It seems to me that the older generation had a real sense of patriotism, while my generation seems a bit detached. As a favorite author of mine has said, once a nation’s honor is gone, it can almost never be restored, and because art has a way of reinvigorating certain attitudes, I hoped Blessed would revive a spirit of honor, respect, and nostalgia, the singer explained.

With his director and the video’s overall theme chosen, it was time to get the ball rolling. “Once I got the idea to do this, and Zac agreed to it, I had to get clearance through the Department of Defense, which took a full two months to get, allowing us very little time to shoot this. We shot on May 3rd, then had to reshoot one scene, edit it, and get it ready for national broadcast by May 21. The whole thing came together at a very rapid pace, but it was important to get this out on a holiday when we celebrate our men and women in uniform,” admitted Davidson.

On the subject of being blessed, Davidson readily admits he’s counting his blessings as far the video scoring a spot on CMT‘s Memorial Day lineup. “I have to give great credit to the folks at CMT, because I am an independent artist, and it is extremely difficult to get a music video on CMT proper, partly due to the nature of the programming, and partly due to the fierce competition with the top 10 major stars. I can tell you right now that even given the theme of this song and video, major radio would be unlikely to play it, and that’s unfortunate, because it doesn’t give independent artists a fair shake. I took on a project far bigger than myself, and I’m hoping it will resonate with America so that demand is created for it. So my hope is that people share it, because let’s face it: everyone knows someone in the military, and you don’t have to be a trigger-happy American to understand or relate to this video. It’s simply about recognizing what we have that so many other places in the world do not,” Davidson comfessed.

Of course it didn’t hurt that CMT was already familiar with Davidson. Since January of 2011, he has been part of CMT‘s The Singing Bee, the country network’s karaoke with a twist game show hosted by Melissa Peterman. Alongside the show’s house band, The Bee Hive, Davidson and other singers perform beginning segments to songs, while the contestants have to pick up where they leave off to win the game. When asked what’s most challenging about the fast-paced, genre hopping game show, Davidson had this to say, “For me, the challenge is a very diverse repertoire. I have to cover country, pop, and some classic rock, so I’m all over the place. One show could have me singing Foreigner, Michael Jackson, Ronnie Dunn, and Bruno Mars. This is where having classical training actually helps- I know how to place certain things, but because we drop into the songs at random times, you really have to know the music and how to switch between genres with ease. Another challenge is the schedule: we shoot two shows a day for 5 consecutive days, giving us 10, so it’s an intense process.”

Taking full advantage of his popularity on CMT‘s The Singing Bee and Monday’s Blessed music video premiere, Davidson shared what’s next for him, “I serve as Master of Ceremonies to four state Miss USA pageants, so I will resume my duties for that in the fall. I’m eager to see where Blessed takes me, and I plan on screening it at various military bases and working with several charities to split profits of download sales. I feel it is important to give back whatever I get out of this. I hope it becomes our nation’s next modern anthem, so there may be some avenues of opportunity with election season upon us. I met with about 30 congressmen in Washington DC, who are now all aware of it, so I’m optimistic about its future. I’m hopeful we will get a season 5 of The Singing Bee, which could happen as early as this fall, but we never really know til we get the call.”

Blessed with air early Monday morning on CMT and will be featured in rotation throughout the day on CMT Pure. For those who don’t have CMT or CMT Pure, simply click the video link to the left of this article to watch the full music video. Davidson can been seen weekly on CMT‘s The Singing Bee, with new episodes airing Fridays at 8 and rebroadcasts throughout the day on Saturdays. To keep up with Beau Davidson on Twitter, CLICK HERE. To join his facebook fan page, CLICK HERE. To download Blessed, CLICK HERE. To purchase more music by the up-and-coming singer/songwriter, CLICK HERE.

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Because of what they did, We are Blessed

As displayed on, May 26, 2012

Because of What They Did, We are Blessed


In the United States, this is Memorial Day weekend.  We remember those who have served our nation who have paid the highest sacrifice.  We thank all of the veterans who have given of themselves to serve the country.

It’s also a time to reflect on our country.  Though we have challenges, we are still a blessed nation.

Local artist Beau Davidson is releasing his powerful new video “Blessed” this weekend.  When he shared it with me, I was so moved that I just had to share it with you.  Please take a few minutes this weekend and watch it and share it with others.

After watching the video, I had the following Q&A session with Beau.

Tell us about this video.  What inspired it?

Back in the fall of 2011, I decided to test my songwriting skills by penning material that didn’t involve romance/relationships. I felt like we didn’t have any modern patriotic anthems, so I decided to take a stab at that theme. I also felt that as a nation, there had been a decline in patriotism, other than perhaps the day we got bin Laden, Saddam, or the day after 9/11. I felt as though we became perhaps a bit too apologetic and complacent, and as I looked around at countries like Iran, Syria, and China, I realized how blessed we truly are. I also wanted to revitalize my generation’s own sense of American pride in an age where the Kardashian divorce seemed like a bigger news story to us than a tanking economy. I felt it was time for something uplifting and something that would call attention to the people who fought for our freedom.

Do you think we need a reminder that we are blessed?  Do you think Americans can take our freedom for granted?

I think we need a bit of a wake-up call.  People look at their iPhones at times like they are the Oracle of Delphi, totally oblivious to their surroundings. Technology has brought our ability to connect easier, but I’m not quite sure it has made our relationships deeper. There’s an argument to be made that generationally speaking, we aren’t half the men our grandfathers were. The Occupy movement is a bit of an example: People don’t even know what they’re protesting, but the fact that they can protest is an example of the blessing of our country. One of the lyrics in my song is:

“Blessed that someone braver fought, so that we could have a choice.”

I intended a bit of a double-entendre there: We are blessed that we have enough patriots so that we haven’t had a draft in a long time, but we are also blessed that others fought so that we could choose freely to do as we please. I felt that these words were worth repeating, so the song was a bit of a mission for me. The project was much bigger than me, and I think every artist should experience that.

The interviews with our heroic veterans are emotional and moving, weaved perfectly throughout the video.  Did you interact with any of them personally or have any background stories you’d like to share?

The great folks at the 118th Airlift Air National Guard were incredibly accommodating.  They arranged for our veterans to come speak, and I did not hand pick them. We arrived for our shoot with veterans of WWII (94 years old), Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi/Enduring Freedom. We had no idea necessarily what they’d say other than that I had prepped them with the question, “How do you feel blessed to have served your country?”  Interestingly enough, our veteran from the Korean War, Donald Hall, is the father of our Desert Storm veteran, David Hall, so it was really neat to have that family connection represented as well. It is hard not to be moved when we pan from our 94-year-old WWII veteran to our young Enduring Freedom veterans: You see service all across generations.

What’s your hope for America this Memorial Day weekend?

My hope is that we reflect on what the country stands for. Sure, we’re not perfect, but we are the last great hope for freedom. Alexis de Tocqueville talked about this in Democracy in America, and I think we are at a critical point in our nation’s history. I don’t want to see the things that our forefathers fought for go to waste. We can’t be controlled by hedonism, so I think it’s important this Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have served. I don’t think it’s prideful to call ourselves the greatest nation on earth, but we have to uphold that title, and that entails not becoming like the other countries around us. When the military reviewed the video for final approval, I was told that this was a much needed moral boost for the challenges they face in the upcoming years, so it really was my blessing to do something for them.

Who inspired you vocally?  You have quite an eclectic vocal background.  Didn’t you major in opera?

I majored in vocal performance at Northwestern University, but I was born in Memphis, so I guess you could say I’ve been around music all of my life. I’m fortunate to have parents who supported my musical interest and came to every talent show, production, or performance. I was very inspired by Elvis and what he was able to accomplish as a genuine artist. In fact, most of the singers who defined the “Memphis Sound” were some of the greatest we’ve known. It is their passion I try to put in my own recordings and performances.

You’ve mixed entertainment and music.  Let’s talk about some of the interesting shows you have been on.  What was it like guest starring on Days of Our Lives and Gilmore Girls?

I have been lucky to mix my interests in music and the screen. Days and Gilmore Girls were fun, but they didn’t allow me to sing. It wasn’t until I was asked to sing an original song on The Bold and the Beautiful that I was allowed to combine my talents.  On The Bold and the Beautiful last year, I premiered “Blessed” on a Veterans Day episode of the show, which kicked off this whole video idea, coupled with my visit to Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda.

A very different television program is CMT’s The Singing Bee where you appeared as a lead vocalist.  Tell me more about the show and your role.

In 2011, I was hired to be a vocalist on The Singing Bee, on CMT, where I sing everything from Bob Dylan to Foreigner to Brad Paisley, and even, yes, opera. It has really pushed my endurance and vocal range, but I’m thankful for that opportunity.  While most of the show involves country music, I have to cover anything non-country, which is very broad, but I presume that’s why they hired me. It is certainly challenging, but I love the challenge I’m faced with in each show. It never gets old, and I have an incredible time with the cast.

Campaigning for Mitt

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Campaigning For Mitt

Beau Davidson | July 14, 2012

On July 4th, I had the great privilege of honoring our veterans by singing my original song “Blessed” on the Capitol steps of Jefferson City, MO, as part of their “Salute to America” celebration. I don’t think we should ever forget the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform — sacrifice that has spawned the most exceptional nation in world history.

I have sung this song at Mitt’s campaign events, and I am encouraged by the enthusiasm I’ve seen in the faces — young and old — of those in attendance. Mitt truly believes in America, and has the same optimism that Ronald Reagan had. He believes in fundamentally restoring, not transforming America, and the difference between those two words cannot be overstated.

As a conservative entertainer (yes I know it sounds strange), I am inspired by the energy in this campaign and particularly how it is affecting those in my generation — many of whom are facing joblessness and massive debt coming out of college.

As I campaign with Mitt’s team at college campuses this fall, I can’t wait to tell fellow young Americas how Mitt will restore our economic prosperity and worldwide excellence.

Beau Davidson is a country music artist.

My address to MavPAC in Dallas

On Saturday, July 21, I had the great honor of being asked to speak to MaverickPAC (MavPAC),  a political action committee that is engaging next generation Republican leaders from business, politics and law to build a national network and strengthen the future of our country. I was speaking on behalf of Young Americans for Romney, for which I serve on the leadership board. Here is my keynote speech following dinner:Image


First of all, thanks to Pasha, Jay, and George for having me, and Carolyn for that great introduction.

I’m guessing some, if not most of you, might not know who I am, so I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a bit about me and why I became involved in the Romney campaign.

I studied voice, opera, and political science at Northwestern University, not knowing if those two fields would ever intertwine. They seemed so opposite, yet both were of great interest to me. I remember defending President Bush (the younger) in my college classes, but it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles, after graduation, that I really became fervent in my conservatism, as I walked along Venice Beach, reading signs like “Bush lied, Troops died.” You know, the same guys that get weed at the clinic because they have a headache.

I was in a brothel of liberalism out there, but I stuck to my guns, and read as much as I could. I realized that most of the younger liberals there really didn’t know very much. They were lost souls, giving into peer pressure, so that when the 2008 election came along, it was blasphemy to vote for anyone other than Barack Obama. They didn’t know who he was- just that he was cool, and would save the world.

But I worked my butt off, and got on a few TV shows, such as Days of our Lives and Gilmore Girls, wrote music, and when I moved to Nashville, I was hired as a singer for the past two seasons of The Singing Bee on CMT, and recur from time to time on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS.

I also have the terrible job of acting as Master of Ceremonies to four pageants in Trump’s Miss USA organization- Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana. I hit it off with one of the judges, a DC lobbyist named Rick Alcalde, who invited me to come along on a trip to DC in April with the girls who won those four states. Yes, I know, you can imagine how long I had to weigh that decision. In DC, Rick arranged meetings with Don Young, Trey Gowdy, Duncan Hunter, Spencer Bachus, Virginia Foxx, and I even bumped into Allen West twice. Rick did a good job of promoting me to these representatives, since he’d seen me sing an original patriotic song I had written, called “Blessed” at the pageants. In turn, many of these Congressmen got to hear the song, and the subsequent music video which is now on CMT, and encouraged me to perform it at the Convention in Tampa. Getting Allen West’s recommendation might have been the highlight of my trip. Well, that and walking around Capitol Hill with four of the most beautiful women in the country.

After that, Mitt became the nominee, so I reached out to Mitt’s press secretary Andrea Saul, who plugged me in to the campaign, and within weeks, I was singing for the Governor in Utah with Orrin Hatch, and in Atlanta with about 12 Congressmen, where Newt introduced him. The reaction on people’s faces was so enthusiastic. I felt that perhaps I had rekindled the same restorative fire that Mitt speaks about. Then I was appointed to the Young Americans for Romney coalition.

When I think about how hard I have worked to get where I am, where my business is myself- and I own it, I have a very difficult time understanding why the President would say something as insulting as he did last week. I got where I am by fighting for every inch, every accolade, every opportunity, and every gig, as I’m sure you all have as well. It is incomprehensible to me how a person can tell me that someone else did that for me. That’s not the audacity of hope- that’s the audacity of ignorance.

I’ll share with you one anecdote. I work with the CEO of an American smartphone startup, who is a big Romney supporter. He lives in Salt Lake, but his Chairman of the Board is an Obama guy, so they don’t really talk politics too much. When I went to Utah to sing for Mitt, I shared my video, “Blessed” with him. He was moved by it. The next day, as my CEO buddy and I were heading to the Romney fundraiser, I noticed that Bob, the Chairman, was joining us, and I asked why. Bob said that my video had prompted him to do some research on Mitt, found out he was a business guy, which Bob was also, and that he would be voting for him in November. I was stunned, but that’s a great example of how art sometimes cane be a political catalyst.

I’m blessed to lend my efforts to this campaign, and the trick this fall is to bring young voters to our side. I think many are disillusioned. I’m hoping that my music can bring attention to who we are as a nation in a way that sometimes words cannot. We are an exceptional nation- no apologies necessary. The next president has to be someone who believes that, and Mitt does. So I hope you enjoy the song I have been singing for the campaign, and am convinced that we will win in November.